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Video Thumbnail No end in sight for high gas prices as summer travel season kicks into high gear

No end in sight for high gas prices as summer travel season kicks into high gear

June 2022

According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline on Monday was $4.58 — the highest recorded average price AAA has tracked in Minnesota.

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Prepare for a Travel Boom: ‘People are Ready to Go’

March 2021

Travel experts are ready for a post COVID-travel boom. There are signs that people are ready to travel again. 

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Report: AAA Says People are Planning More Car Trips

June 2020

The peak travel season has arrived and many people want to discover America. AAA predicts that 700 million U.S. residents will take road trips this summer. Many people are opting to stay close to home, bypassing trips to the east or west coast.

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Frigid Weather Closes Schools, Stalls Cars

February 2020

Anoka-Hennepin and Osseo Area Schools canceled classes due to the negative temperatures. The cold also impacted commuters. AAA says the automobile group received a surge in calls due to dead batteries.

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Tips you may not know about winter driving

November 2019

At speeds above 25 miles per hour, steering to avoid a collision (if it's safe to do so) is actually preferred to slamming on the brakes.

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#EyesUp: Older drivers more distracted at the wheel

November 2019

While younger drivers may be on their phones more often, older drivers are more distracted by the latest in-vehicle technology.

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Why owning a car is more expensive than ever

September 2019

The average cost of owning a new car went up five percent this year, according to the latest AAA data. Financing is the largest factor of the increase, accounting for a 24 percent increase over 2018. Here’s a breakdown of the report, plus tips for the cheapest time to buy a new car.

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Should you leave your windshield wiper blades up or down?

February 2019

It’s a somewhat odd, but increasingly popular sight in parking lots these days: windshield wipers pointed towards the sky. Is this method really as smart as it seems, or can it actually harm your car?

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Video Thumbnail for Fox 9 Story How to Avoid Getting Stuck on the Road

How to avoid getting stuck on the roads

February 2019

Deb Van Dyke, a driving instructor with AAA has some tips on how to handle winter driving.

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Extreme cold punishes cars as AAA Minneapolis sees enormous increase in calls

January 2019

During the Polar Vortex in January 2019, AAA Minneapolis fielded more than 1,000 calls per day, nearly six times the normal volume.

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Beyond the Badge - Pedestrian Safety

June 2018

Did you know it's illegal to not stop for a pedestrian at a marked crosswalk? Drivers have an extra responsibility to watch out for everyone near and around roadways. In this episode of Beyond the Badge, the Edina Police department interviews AAA about pedestrian safety.

Beyond The Badge - Bike Safety

May 2018

In this episode of Beyond The Badge, the Edina Police department interviews AAA about bike safety. 

Beyond the Badge - Pet Safety

April 2018

Learn how to travel safely on the road with your pet this summer! In this episode of Beyond The Badge, the Edina Police department interviews AAA about keeping your pet safe while you drive. 

CCX News - Thanksgiving Travel

November 2017

This Thanksgiving holiday is expected to be one of the busiest for travel in more than a decade. Whether you're traveling by plane, train or automobile, you will have plenty of company. AAA projects 50.9 million Americans are going to be traveling for this Thanksgiving.

Twin Cities Live - Zero Proof Mix Off

November 2017

This holiday season, the team at AAA Minneapolis have a simple message -- to not drink and drive. They brought in two Twin Cities bartenders to create mocktails you can make for your upcoming functions.

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